Gopalganj, Bihar

bihar, goplagnj

Gopalganj is a district in the Indian state of Bihar. As per the census report (2001) Gopalganj is 26th largest district in Bihar. Modern District of Gopalganj was established on October 2, 1973. It is the land of scholars &
farmers. It is also famous for it’s great culture and festival celebrations. Gopalagnj people celebrate their festivals with great joy.

In this blog i am telling about some places to visit in Gopalganj (Bihar).
Read my this blog if you want to know about the best tourist places in Gopalganj District.

Thawe-Durga Mandir, Dighwa-Dubauli, Husepu, Bhuri Shravar Ashram, Lakri Dargah, Arpara Munsi Bari, Dhurna Kund these all are the attraction of Gopalganj District. Gopalganj is also popular for its haunted house and beautiful temples.

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